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Monthly Advisory

You get 12 monthly market updates over the course of a year, with a panoramic view of what’s going on in the market and how it affects your investments—along with complete buy, hold, and sell recommendations about small-cap stocks. You also get weekly advisories with up-to-the-minute market conditions and buy/sell recommendations for adjusting your portfolio on any given day.

Exclusive, Personal Service

You get exclusive access to Tyler Laundon, Chief Analyst for Cabot Small-Cap Confidential—you get Tyler’s personal email address for sending your own specific questions.

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  • The Truth About AI Stocks


The Truth About AI Stocks

What Subscribers Have to Say

"Tyler, I want you to know that since I subscribed in October 2016 that I am very pleased with the investment advice. You have exceeded my expectations. I find your commentary on the monthly stock picks comprehensive and balanced. I also appreciate your weekly updates as you share your thoughts and sometimes address any concerns which I may have. It is also most useful to get your advice on when to sell a stock." - K.K.

"Last year I re-subscribed to Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and I just wanted to write to let you know I’ve really enjoyed your perspective and recommendations. You’ve made me aware of some great opportunities that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I find your reports thorough and well written. - J.U.

"I am so very pleased with your Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. You are a very talented individual. To me, the format is perfect. I like just the one main idea per month and the updates per week. And I like the weekly conclusion: strong buy, buy, hold or sell. There is absolutely nothing I could suggest you change." - E.L.

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